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SAN RAMON, CA, December 16th, 2010 — Faronics announced today that Info Security Products Guide, the industry’s leading information security research and advisory guide, has named Faronics Anti-Virus, Anti-Executable and Deep Freeze as finalists for the 2011 Global Product Excellence Awards. These prestigious global awards recognize security and IT vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products and solutions that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of technologies.

Anti-Executable was selected in the Anti-Malware, Best Security Software Product, and Security Solution for Small Businesses categories; Faronics Anti-Virus was chosen in the Anti-Malware category; and finally Deep Freeze was selected in the Endpoint Security category.

With approximately 20 million new malware samples created in 2010, relying solely on one security solution is no longer enough. An application whitelisting solution such as Anti-Executable combined with a system restore product like Deep Freeze in addition to the fundamental layer of Faronics Anti-Virus is the best defense to effectively protect an IT environment. While Faronics Anti-Virus provides effective, resource-efficient protection against known threats, Anti-Executable ensures total endpoint security by preventing zero-day, targeted attacks and morphing viruses along with unauthorized applications from executing or installing. These first two layers in the Faronics Layered Security approach offer run-time protection, while upon reboot, Deep Freeze removes any unauthorized system changes and returns the computer back to its original state. This third layer eliminates the need for IT professionals to perform rebuilds, re-image, or troubleshoot computers—reducing support incidents up to a documented 63%.

“We are proud to be recognized as a key industry player whose products have been named as finalists by Info Security Products Guide,” says Carlos Santamaria, Product Manager for Faronics Anti-Virus, Deep Freeze, Anti-Executable. “Behind this distinguished success is our relentless drive to stay customer-focused. We believe this recognition from Info Security Products Guide is a clear validation to both the principle of layered security and our customer driven products.”

About Info Security Products Guide Awards
Info Security Products Guide sponsors leading conferences and expos worldwide and plays a vital role in keeping end-users informed of the choices they can make when it comes to protecting their digital resources. It is written expressly for those who are adamant on staying informed of security threats and the preventive measure they can take. You will discover a wealth of information in this guide including tomorrow’s technology today, best deployment scenarios, people and technologies shaping info security and market research that facilitate in making the most pertinent security decisions. The Info Security Products Guide Awards recognize and honor excellence in all areas of information security.

About Faronics
With a well-established record of helping businesses manage, simplify, and secure their IT infrastructure, Faronics makes it possible to do more with less by maximizing the value of existing technology. Our solutions deliver total workstation reliability, complete system control and non-disruptive computer energy management. Incorporated in 1996, Faronics has offices in the USA, Canada and the UK, as well as a global network of channel partners. Our solutions are deployed in over 150 countries worldwide, and are helping more than 30,000 organizations.

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