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SAN RAMON, CA, March 5, 2008 — Faronics is proud to advance the energy management capabilities of Mac computers by announcing the release of Power Save Mac 2.0! The showcase feature in this release is the Report Generator, which allows organizations to see exactly how much they’ve saved by measuring energy-use both before and after deploying Power Save. The 2.0 release of Power Save Mac now also provides support for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.

Power Save uses non-disruptive computer energy management to ensure workstations are available when system resources are required, while conserving power during productivity downtimes. Power Save provides organizations with real financial and energy savings on every computer deployed, centralized workstation power status control, real-time savings reports, and policy scheduling.

Audit Mode reports on the energy and cost savings gained from the standard power saving actions that are already in place on a workstation. This serves as the before snapshot for the computer. The Power Save report provides the financial and energy savings that were generated from Power Save’s intelligent energy management. By comparing these two reports, anyone can easily see the positive impact that Power Save Mac is able to provide. The Report Generator also helps IT administrators manage their deployment with the ability to organize workstations into groups.

“With all the concerns over global warming, carbon footprints, and rising energy costs, using Power Save makes perfect sense,” says Vik Khanna, Vice President and COO of Faronics. “After all, you wouldn’t leave your car running day and night, so why do it with your computer?”

What makes Power Save Mac superior than the standard power saving settings that come with every Mac computer is the fact that the energy-saving measures revolve around user activity, rather than fixed time values. With Power Save Mac, organizations can set computers to look at CPU, disk, and application activity before activating any energy-saving measures.

Power Save has been extremely popular with IT personnel that manage large computer deployments, such as Sung Lee, Director of Computer Support for HCC. “We’ve deployed Power Save enterprise-wide on all our workstations, which is saving us over $50,000 per year in energy costs. That’s $50,000 that we now have to buy new IT equipment and software, hire more personnel, or invest into employee training.”

Faronics is a recognized ENERGY STAR partner and is also a member of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a nonprofit group dedicated to developing, deploying, and adopting smart technologies that improve the efficiency of a computer’s power delivery and reduce the energy consumed when the computer is in an inactive state. A free, fully functional 30 day evaluation version of Power Save can be downloaded from for both Windows and Mac computers.

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Dheeraj Mahtani (Marketing Communications Specialist, Faronics)

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