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SAN RAMON, CA, May 30, 2005 — Faronics Technologies is pleased to announce the official release of Faronics Anti-Executable Enterprise, the company’s latest software product to offer increased productivity and workstation security for multi-user computing environments. Faronics Anti-Executable revolutionizes workstation protection and control by preventing any unauthorized program from running or installing.

Faronics Anti-Executable stops all unauthorized executables from launching, whether they are downloaded from the Internet or introduced via any removable media. On install, AntiExecutable performs a deep scan of the computer and authorizes every single executable on it.

From that point on, all other executables are deemed unauthorized and will not run or install. “Anti-Executable provides a powerful defense against the blended threats that exist in today’s computing environments,” said Guillermo Tellez, the Product Manager for Anti-Executable. “This program will be a huge asset for IT professionals who need to keep expensive computing resources free from illegal software, unauthorized downloads, and other malicious intrusions.” Using a unique whitelist technology, Anti-Executable provides proactive protection against spyware, keyloggers, trojans, viruses, or any other type of malware.

“Anti-Executable is a new development in security software, which moves away from the traditional, reactive blacklist approach that requires constant updates and user interaction,” said Dmitry Shesterin, Faronics’ Marketing Manager. “The whitelist technology we use represents a ground-breaking workstation security concept. It dramatically reduces technical maintenance, enforces Acceptable Use Policies, protects workstations from day-zero attacks, and prevents identity theft.”

A fully functional evaluation version of Anti-Executable Enterprise is available for a 60-day trial period at

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Faronics develops and markets intelligent utilities for absolute control of multi-user computing environments. Faronics’ market-leading solutions ensure 100% workstation availability and have dramatically impacted the day-to-day lives of thousands of information technology professionals and computing lab managers. Our powerful, user-driven technology innovations benefit educational institutions, libraries, government organizations and corporations.

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