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SAN RAMON, CA, March 26th, 2010 — Faronics, a global leader in system control and computer energy management solutions, is proud to announce that for the second year in a row, it has been certified as carbon neutral. The accreditation, awarded by Offsetters, a Vancouver based carbon offset company, demonstrates Faronics’ continued commitment to the proactive management and effective control of the environmental impact of all of its business activities. Faronics surpassed its original goal of decreasing its footprint by 5% this year and achieved a 17% reduction.

Achieving carbon neutral status was accomplished with the implementation of a four-part GHG management action plan that included a GHG Inventory Quality Management System, an internal reductions plan, target setting, and investment in GHG offsets.

“As a manufacturer of world leading computer energy saving software, achieving a carbon neutral status allows us to walk the talk of sustainability,” says Dmitry Shesterin, VP of Marketing, and Carbon Neutrality Taskforce Coordinator at Faronics. “With the onset of globalization, we recognize that modern businesses are dependant on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.”

With the creation of its PC power management software, Faronics Power Save, Faronics has become an established industry leader in reducing enterprise IT energy waste. Faronics Power Save uses intelligent energy management to ensure workstations are available when system resources are required, while
conserving power during productivity downtimes. Faronics Power Save provides organizations with centralized computer energy management and savings reports, allowing companies to continuously maximize their savings by powering IT down daily.

“Earth hour is a great opportunity for organizations to focus on the reduction of their environmental impact,” said Shesterin. “Power Save presents corporations with a proven solution to reduce their electricity waste while improving their bottom line by saving up to 50 dollars per computer a year.”

A free, fully functional 30 day evaluation version of Faronics Power Save can be downloaded from for both Windows and Mac computers.

About Faronics
With a well-established record of helping businesses manage, simplify, and secure their IT infrastructure, Faronics makes it possible to do more with less by maximizing the value of existing technology. Our solutions deliver total workstation reliability, complete system control and non-disruptive computer energy management. Incorporated in 1996, Faronics has offices in the USA, Canada and the UK, as well as a global network of channel partners. Our solutions are deployed in over 150 countries worldwide, and are helping more than 30,000 organizations.

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