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SAN RAMON, CA, June 7th, 2011 — Faronics, a global leader in simplifying, securing and managing multi-user
computer environments, has released Anti-Virus v2.0 to further strengthen Faronics’ layered security offering. The latest version includes an enterprise level firewall that allows IT professionals to create program rules, network rules, advanced rules, and trusted zones. Administrators can allow or block two-way communication based on programs, networks, ports or protocols on the entire network. Also included is a daily network activity report that provides details of all firewall activity on the workstation.

“AV 2.0 offers the next level of protection with the addition of a firewall, enhancing your PC’s security and giving you extra peace of mind,” said Carlos Santamaria, Senior Product Manager for Faronics Anti-Virus. “End users will benefit from the increased ability to tailor rules and set communication parameters while still receiving total workstation protection from ever-changing threats.”

Faronics Anti-Virus offers a welcome shift in security solutions. Conventional security suites are often technologies acquired over time and cobbled together to complement anti-virus. Faronics Anti-Virus has been developed from the ground up and combines anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, and now a firewall to provide a coordinated, preemptive response to advanced malware. What makes it so great? It’s lighter and up to 300% faster, and offers the best value of any competing anti-virus solution.

Its most innovative feature allows it to integrate seamlessly with Faronics Deep Freeze, the instant system restore solution, so anti-virus updates can be applied even while computers are protected in a Frozen state. Faronics AntiVirus also provides advanced e-mail protection, with direct support for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and many other e-mail programs.

With over 60,000 unique pieces of malware emerging every day, no sole product can guarantee absolute security. Faronics recommends a layered security strategy, combining Faronics Anti-Virus with the instant system restore solution Deep Freeze and Faronics Anti-Executable, an application whitelisting product. All three products are centrally managed centrally through Faronics Core. A free, fully-functional 30-day evaluation of Faronics Anti-Virus v2.0 can be downloaded at Current Faronics Anti-Virus customers can upgrade to the latest version free of charge.

About Faronics
With a well-established record of helping businesses manage, simplify, and secure their IT infrastructure, Faronics makes it possible to do more with less by maximizing the value of existing technology. Faronics is the ONLY endpoint security software vendor to offer a comprehensive layered security solution consisting of anti-virus, application whitelisting, and instant system restore protection. Incorporated in 1996, Faronics has offices in the USA, Canada and the UK, as well as a global network of channel partners. Our solutions are deployed in over 150 countries worldwide, and are helping more than 30,000 organizations.

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Kelly Batke
Communications Manager
Tel: 800-943-6422 x 4441

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