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SAN RAMON, CA, May 27, 2009 — Faronics is proud to announce the release of Anti-Executable v3.3 for Windows, which introduces a number of new features to Faronics’ white list based application control software, such as the ability to employ on demand and scheduled maintenance modes that make system updates and application installations quick and effortless. Support for Windows Server 2008 has also been added to this release. Both these feature additions enhance Anti-Executable’s ability to lower IT helpdesk requests and reduce system vulnerabilities by ensuring only the applications added to Anti-Executable’s white list are able to run. All other applications—whether they are unauthorized, unwanted, or simple unnecessary—are blocked from running.

Constant software audits to ensure workstation software compliance are not necessary when Anti-Executable is installed. In fact, Anti-Executable’s ability to protect against unwanted executables and security threats such as viruses, spyware, malware, and rootkits is being used by many of Faronics’ corporate, government, and education customers. “Faronics Anti-Executable is a bulletproof solution when trying to prevent rogue software installs, malicious code, and other unsavory happenings,” says Aaron Hurt, Information Security Officer for CoVantage Credit Union. “Unwanted programs are prevented at the start by simply preventing them from even running. Installation is quick and easy, and when integrated with Faronics Console, the management overhead is reduced even further.”

Added support for Windows Server 2008 enables Anti-Executable to offer its protection to computers running Windows Server 2008 for both 32 and 64 bit environments. Anti-Executable provides resiliency to server environments by blocking network threats such as rootkits that would otherwise hijack enterprise systems, and by preventing non-trusted users from installing unauthorized software on a Windows Server computer.

When installed on workstations, Anti-Executable can ensure that computers are geared for work by making productive applications available to users but blocking software that is not needed. Georgia-based Cognetic Systems Inc., for example, uses Anti-Executable while developing software for their database appliances. “Faronics Anti-Executable is an excellent product with well thought out features such as the trusted check box in the white list that makes software development possible on a white listed machine,” says Bill Patton, President of Cognetic Systems, Inc.

Software updates and installation of new software are critical necessity of every enterprise computing environment—growing in both size and frequency. Maintenance Mode makes this an effortless task thanks to on demand and scheduled white list update capabilities. When the system updates or program installations are finished, Anti-Executable will automatically incorporate any new or modified application into the active white list. If Anti-Executable’s protection is required right after installation, the Automatic White List feature makes it easy to apply. With one click Anti-Executable will create a white list, scan the computer, add the installed executables to the white list, and activate the white list to protect the system.

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