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SAN RAMON, CA, February 28, 2006 — Faronics has just released Anti-Executable version 2.2 in both Standard and Enterprise editions, with new and improved features. With its unique whitelist technology, Anti-Executable standardizes any environment by preventing all unauthorized or unwanted programs from installing or running.

Faronics Anti-Executable 2.2 now has a central logging feature, which keeps a record of each and every executable violation occurrence, including details such as user, date and time, and the unauthorized application trying to run or install at the workstation. The central console in the Anti-Executable Enterprise version offers the capability to view a workstation log centrally from the Enterprise Console by selecting one or many machines at the same time. The log file can be sorted and all or selected records can be exported for future reference; administrators can now easily see which users or computers are attempting to violate Acceptable Use Policies.

Improved features in version 2.2 include an option in the Exempted Folder feature to include all subfolders recursively in a directory, as well as an option in the Trusted Applications feature to include all executables recursively within a specified directory.

Upon install, Anti-Executable does a deep scan of a computer and places all installed applications on a whitelist. From that point forward, any executable that is not on this whitelist is deemed unauthorized and will never run or install. Administrators are given control and flexibility through the option to authorize specific applications as needed. AntiExecutable protects systems against malware and day-zero attacks by blocking all unwanted executables.

Fully functional evaluation versions of Anti-Executable Enterprise and Standard are available at

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Brent Smithurst (Vice President, Technical Operations)

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