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SAN RAMON, CA, February 13, 2006 — Volcano Corporation has chosen Deep Freeze as its primary security solution to ensure 100% availability of its state-of-the-art suite of interventional imaging tools. Volcano Corporation is a leading manufacturer of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) catheters and Functional Measurement guidewires used to diagnose and assess diseases of the coronary and peripheral vasculature.

“Deep Freeze technology enables Volcano’s physician partners to remain confident that their valuable patient diagnosis and data will not be compromised, despite other uncertainties present in today’s computing environment,” said Joe Burnett, Associate Director of Marketing at Volcano Corporation.

“The integration of our Deep Freeze software with Volcano Corporation’s hardware is an excellent example of technological synergy,” said Vik Khanna, Faronics’ chief operating officer and senior vice president. “Volcano provides crucial equipment that assists in the diagnosis and monitoring of critically ill patients, and Deep Freeze provides 100% protection for that equipment, ensuring uptime and guaranteeing machine recovery.”

Deep Freeze provides a completely non-restrictive working environment where there is no need to be concerned about system misconfiguration, or malicious damage to a Windows operating system; a simple restart eradicates all changes and ensures that the standard system configuration is available at all times. The result is a protected, parallel network, free of viruses and unwanted programs, as well as a dramatic reduction in IT expenditures and technical support costs.

About Faronics
Faronics develops and markets intelligent utilities for absolute control of multi-user computing environments. Faronics’ market-leading solutions ensure 100% workstation availability and have dramatically impacted the day-to-day lives of thousands of information technology professionals and computing lab managers. Our user-driven, powerful technology innovations benefit educational institutions, libraries, government organizations and corporations.

About Volcano Corp.
Volcano Corp. is a privately held medical device company founded in 2001. With over 475 worldwide employees, Volcano is dedicated to providing technologies leading to optimal management of coronary artery and peripheral vascular disease. Volcano products include Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) systems and catheters, as well as physiology guide wires. With global distribution, Volcano is a leading provider of innovative therapy-enabling and therapy-guiding technologies to the interventional cardiology and peripheral vascular fields.

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Brent Smithurst (Vice President, Technical Operations)

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