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SAN RAMON, CA, January 8, 2008 — Educators returning to the classroom from the holiday break will be
delighted to know that they now have access to a newer, more powerful version of Faronics Insight. This latest release offers several performance enhancements, workstation print control, one-to-one classroom support, and classroom attendance capabilities.

Faronics Insight is the ultimate classroom technology management solution that empowers teachers with the
ability to share their screen with students, control student access to applications and websites, and monitor classroom screens to ensure students are on task. Students are able to interact with the teacher directly through Insight’s chat, voting, and remote assistance capabilities.

The new Print Control feature empowers teachers with the ability to limit student access to printers. Insight now also features a utility that allows a teacher to move between different classrooms while keeping class lists organized and updated in real time. One-to-One also allows the student machine to join other classrooms by changing to a different teacher channel without restarting. The ability to monitor and compare student attendance is an additional feature that has been added to this release.

Faronics Insight has been extremely popular with IT personnel in education environments, such as Josh Kolka, Technology Administrator for Bangor Township Schools. “Some of our labs have computers assembled into pods,” says Josh. “It’s great when it comes to fostering collaboration and teamwork between students, but it does make it very difficult for a teacher to monitor what students are doing at all times. Teachers would walk around the classroom to monitor activities, but once they walked to another pod a student could easily visit a game website and stop doing their work. Thanks to Insight, our teachers now have the much needed ability to educate and monitor students from a central location.”

A free, fully functional 30-day evaluation version of Insight can be downloaded at for the Windows operating systems.

About Faronics
Faronics delivers software products that manage, simplify, and secure IT environments. Our products ensure
100% workstation availability, and have dramatically improved the day-to-day lives of thousands of information technology professionals. Deployed on over six million workstations in fifty countries worldwide, Faronics’ technology innovations benefit educational institutions, healthcare facilities, libraries, government organizations and corporations.

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Dmitry Shesterin (Marketing Manager, Faronics)

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