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Faronics is pleased to announce the publication of a new case study featuring SkyWest Airlines.

The case study details SkyWest’s successful use of Deep Freeze Enterprise, Faronics’ reboot to restore software for the enterprises. Deep Freeze Enterprise helps manage computers remotely and perform maintenance easily. Due to issues experienced with their previous system restore software, Microsoft SteadyState, SkyWest decided to try Deep Freeze Enterprise.

SkyWest’s maintenance personnel use computers to perform regular maintenance on aircrafts. Flawless operations for all maintenance computers are critical to keeping the aircraft systems safe. Prior to using Deep Freeze Enterprise, whenever maintenance computers had an issue, SkyWest had to send someone from the IT team to the location physically, thereby incurring travel expenditures. The computer downtime resulted in delayed aircraft maintenance.

“Whereas the IT staff used to travel at the drop of a hat when something broke, now they don’t have to do that,” Michael Howes, a SkyWest desktop application support technician, said.

The lack of remote management capabilities also made IT support across multiple sites challenging. With Deep Freeze Enterprise in place, SkyWest was able to improve the maintenance and repair process through remote management. Deep Freeze Enterprise streamlined software updates and enabled managers to carry out configuration changes from its central management console instead of leaning on the IT team.

Faronics’ system restore software has helped SkyWest solve two key issues: With a simple reboot, any unwelcome or unwanted changes made to the system are removed, restoring it to the original state. Additionally, Deep Freeze Enterprise Console makes remote maintenance a breeze across multiple locations.

Deep Freeze Enterprise protects SkyWest’s maintenance computers thereby ensuring they are always able to perform optimally. Deep Freeze Enterprise ensures SkyWest’s maintenance is always on schedule and does its part in ensuring SkyWest’s aircrafts and passengers remain safe.

We invite you to read the case study to learn more about the IT challenges faced by SkyWest, and how they were overcome using Deep Freeze.

Link to the case study:

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