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COQUITLAM, BC, Sept. 9, 2005 — Faronics Corporation, a leading developer of intelligent utilities for absolute control of multi-user computing environments, announced its flagship solution Deep Freeze Enterprise Edition has been approved by one of Canada’s largest electric utilities as a valuable energy-efficient tool.

BC Hydro, which services more than 94% of British Columbia’s population, has included Deep Freeze under the utility’s Product Incentive Program (PIP). Deep Freeze is listed on BC Hydro’s e.Catalog, an online database that allows contractors, distributors and BC Hydro’s business customers search and review information about energy-efficient products that have been screened by BC Hydro. Deep Freeze instantly protects and preserves original computer configurations while allowing complete unrestricted access to a workstation. As a result, computing environments are easier to manage and maintain. A simple restart eradicates all changes and resets the computer to its original state. Deep Freeze protects over five million computers worldwide—saving organizations countless hours of technical support.

Deep Freeze includes two unique features that effectively manage energy consumption of individual workstations. The Scheduled Restart or Shutdown feature enables administrators to specify when workstations will be shut down, ensuring that workstations are not left on overnight or during the weekend. Idle Time Restart or Shutdown directs a workstation to shut down if no mouse movements or keyboard strokes are detected for a specified period of time.

“Not only is Deep Freeze the standard in disk protection, but it also provides the added benefit of energy efficiency, which is vital to modern businesses and organizations,” said Vik Khanna, chief operating officer with Faronics. “In many cases, energy expenses are much higher than necessary due to technological hardware running when it doesn’t have to.”

BC Hydro’s own pilot programs utilizing Deep Freeze in four Vancouver-area schools resulted in savings of four million kilowatts of power, or CAD$200,000, per year, according to David Rogers, technology and project management specialist with BC Hydro.

“BC Hydro’s goal is to provide energy solutions to our customers in an environmentally and socially responsible way,” said Rogers. “Faronics’ Deep Freeze software meets our high-energy efficiency standards while providing an excellent opportunity to B.C.-area businesses to save a significant amount on energy costs.”

Deep Freeze is listed on e.Catalog at under the main product category, “Controls.” For more information about Deep Freeze and other intelligent utilities, visit www.

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Faronics develops and markets intelligent utilities for absolute control of multi-user computing environments. Faronics’ market-leading solutions ensure 100% workstation availability and have dramatically impacted the day-to-day lives of thousands of information technology professionals and computing lab managers. Faronics’ powerful, user-driven technology innovations benefit educational institutions, libraries, government organizations and corporations.

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About BC Hydro
BC Hydro provides high-value, reliable power to fuel economic growth in British Columbia. As one of the largest electric utilities in Canada, BC Hydro serves customers in an area containing over 94% of British Columbia’s population. BC Hydro endeavors to provide energy solutions to its customers in an environmentally and socially responsible way by balancing British Columbians’ energy needs with the concerns of the environment. Through the efficient and reliable supply of electricity, BC Hydro supports the development of British Columbia and has constructed a world-class integrated hydroelectric system. Due to this efficient, reliable system, British Columbians enjoy some of the lowest electricity rates in the world.

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