“You Have Messages Pending.” Or Do You Have Malware Pending?

Not all phishing or spam emails are written terribly.  In the case of this spam message it actually looks almost exactly like a real facebook email.  Below is the original message that was caught by our fake email account’s junk filter.

Not All Spam Emails Are Written Terribly

This email actually fooled me for a moment.  Until I realized that facebook wouldn’t email me to tell me I have two “pending” messages.  If you simply roll your mouse over the links this is what’s shown

Fake Link In A Spam Email



Something about that URL doesn’t seem like to goes to facebook at all.  I was still curious to see where these “facebook” links would take me so I decided to click through and go down the rabbit hole.  Thankfully this is what I was prompted with.

Google Chrome Saves You From Malware








A reminder to everyone, if the email doesn’t seem right and you aren’t sure best just not to click on things.  If you want to stay out of trouble follow us on Twitter @Faronics or join our Facebook page for the latest updates and information.

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