Turn Off That Computer & Save $180,000!

By Ryan Majeau & Ciara Hamagishi

Hand on Off SwitchYou probably know leaving computers on wastes a lot of electricity but have you done the math of what it adds to your costs?

School Districts 37 and 39 in Delta and Vancouver did and they were looking to reduce their IT costs.  They spoke to BC Hydro about their problems. What did they discover? That they could save tons of energy and money just by reducing unnecessary computer use in their labs.

Well it sounds simple to do, but it was easier said than done. One of the main problems with operating computer labs is getting everyone to turn off the machines at the end of the day. No matter how many times you tell people, some of them will always forget.

Both districts tried Faronics Deep Freeze as a workstation security solution and it delivered in reducing their IT costs. With Deep Freeze, they were able to shut down all their workstations at the end of the day and were no longer wasting energy overnight.

“Installing computer power management software is not only saving on energy costs, but is also dramatically reducing computer support costs by minimizing the time needed to visit each computer for manual shutdown and software maintenance.” Says Steven Robson, Technical Support Supervisor in Vancouver School District 39.

Deep Freeze eliminates workstation downtime by restoring the computer’s settings to their original condition with a simple reboot.

Thanks to Faronics, both districts have seen significant annual energy savings totalling a combined $180,000!  To learn more read the full case study.

About The Author

Ryan Majeau

Ryan loves technology, reading and writing about new trends or playing with new gadgets—and yes he uses three monitors. Ryan is guilty of drinking the kool-aid every now and then, is a bit of a Facebook junkie and a devout Apple fanboy (in case you couldn’t tell).

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