Proactive versus Reactive: Which one are you?

“It’s Dead Jim…”

Like most of you, preventative maintenance is something I don’t do very well. I keep up with the stuff on the car, the small stuff around the house, but I don’t like doing it.

One thing I’ve done for many years is replace the hard drive in my computer every year. By doing this I figured that I would avoid problems with my drive failing and loosing data. Because the chance of a drive dying in a year is small I wasn’t too worried. But this year I didn’t replace the drive. Can you guess what happened? Yes. It died.

It’s a good thing that I’m paranoid and keep three backups of my data. This cost me a fair bit of time fixing the computer and getting backups restored. It reminded me to keep on top of things like hard disk replacement, and oil changes. For my single computer it’s not too much work. However for those who manage IT support involving a lot of hardware, having tools that will prevent problems from happening is as important as fixing the problem.

What do you think of your IT strategy? Are you proactive or do you wait to be responsive? How safe are you, could this happen to you?

About The Author

Kelly Batke

Kelly is the self-confessed technology laggard who works in technology. The good news is she is slowly reaching late adopter status. Kelly enjoys learning and writing about the psychology behind technology—as in why do we buy what we buy, and how does that impact our environment?

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