New Look. New Website!

by Ryan Majeau – 06/15/11

Salty Waffle Social Media ClassesWe are excited to announce the launch of our completely and newly redesigned and restructured website.

The new website, engineered by Seattle based Salty Waffle, is just one step in many towards our goal of ensuring we are easy to use and deliver significant value. Apart from a new look, the new website features an improved user interface, easier navigation, and more accessibility for a range of users.

Our new website is just the beginning of a fresh and exciting look for Faronics. With the already outstanding solutions we offer, this website helps assist us compete with elite IT security vendors.

About The Author

Ryan Majeau

Ryan loves technology, reading and writing about new trends or playing with new gadgets—and yes he uses three monitors. Ryan is guilty of drinking the kool-aid every now and then, is a bit of a Facebook junkie and a devout Apple fanboy (in case you couldn’t tell).

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