My Friends Been Hacked!

By Jordan Harris

Hotmail new hacked featureHotmail has created a new way to deal with your friends who’s accounts have been hacked.  Account hijacking and phishing have been an issue when it comes to web email services (such as hotmail or gmail).  If its a friends account sending out annoying spam or a phishing email saying they are in trouble and (of course) need money.  Thankfully both the spam and the in need of help email are not actually from your friend.  They have just been hacked!

The team at Hotmail have created a handy little feature to help address this problem.  Now when you find out that your friend has not found a way to get free iPads. You can report the account as hacked to Hotmail.

Hotmail new hacked account feature

Hotmail will also being sharing this information with other web email services such as gmail and Yahoo.  This will allow the rightful owner of the account to take back control much quicker.  Check out the details from Hotmail and how to mark accounts as hacked here.

It’s always good to remember that no legitimate company would ever email you asking for account information such as your user name and password.  Also read this article on how to create a strong password rather than using “1234” or “password” to protect all your information.

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