Manage and Restore Windows Server with Deep Freeze to Eliminate Disruptive Server Outages

A server is the backbone of the computing infrastructure of any enterprise. As the core of the network, server-based Windows computers take up most of the processing load, launching critical software applications and storing relevant documents. The usage of thin-client computer terminals is also quite common in a variety of multi-user computing environments, which establish a stable connection with multiple client systems over a LAN network and act as the server host for all endpoint devices. It is imperative for the IT team to ensure that server host is well-maintained and secure, so as to ensure smooth flow of business operations.

Maintaining Server Endpoints: IT Challenges

Windows servers might crash down all of a sudden due to a variety of internal and external threats. For example, internal issues like configuration inconsistencies in server computers might cause unexpected server failure and disruptive outages. Also, employees at times end up downloading illegal software and files during their individual sessions, which can allow viruses/trojan/malware to infiltrate the terminal server systems and bring down their performance levels. In case of sudden failure, it might take several hours for the IT team to restore Windows server systems to a functional state, leading to increased server maintenance cost and prolonged downtime. Even few minutes of server failure can result in huge loss of productivity and service unavailability for organizations to cope with.

IT professionals managing server computers, therefore, need effective Windows server restore solution like Deep Freeze Server as a proactive countermeasure against potential server security risks and sudden outages.

Guaranteed Recovery of Windows Server Operating Systems On Reboot

The deployment of Deep Freeze Server can provide IT professionals with enterprise-wide implications and benefits:

Providing An Unrestricted IT Environment: The powerful reboot to restore technology of Deep Freeze Server helps in creating a non-restrictive computing environment, in which users have the freedom to make any changes in the system during their sessions. For example, they can run any software and customize the desktop menu items as they want to. However, all such changes, malicious or unintentional, are wiped clean with each reboot. It helps IT managers to ensure optimal server protection against recurring malware/spyware attacks, without taking recourse to the any lockdown approach.

Maintaining Uniformity in All server-based Systems: Deep Freeze Server locks in the admin-defined system configuration, and prevents the server-based Windows computers from straying from that established baseline. This enables IT professionals to ensure consistency in configuration in all server devices with a quick reboot, while helping them to enhance and maintain the performance and responsiveness of the servers with very less efforts.

Better Data Retention Options: As an effective Windows server restore application, Deep Freeze Server provides aid in data retention by redirecting both personal and application-based data over storage spaces of non-system drives. IT admins can also create up to 8 virtual storage spaces, or ThawSpaces, with Deep Freeze Server, which can be used for saving data and storing applications/files. Such ThawSpaces remain unaffected across reboots. IT administrators can also determine the size of the host drive/ThawSpace and make space allocation for storage as per requirement.

Central Management Capabilities: The Deep Freeze Server Enterprise edition comes with a centrally-managed console, which makes it easy for the IT admins to remotely deploy, manage and configure this Faronics solution. If required, IT professionals can make changes in the server task schedules on the go and easily manage those endpoints with User Defined groups. The Console also makes it possible for the IT team to schedule several important tasks, such as Restart, Wake-On-LAN, Thaw, Thaw Locked, Shutdown and Freeze, to occur once or on a daily basis. IT admins can also customize the features of the Enterprise Console to suit the changing requirements on their corporations.

Automated Updates and Upgrades: IT professionals can schedule multiple maintenance Windows/Thawed periods to enable automatic downloading and installation of Windows updates, or run a custom batch file and other third-party management solutions to install software patches. In addition, the central management console aids IT professionals to remotely execute, deploy and control important software on all server-based systems, which helps them to keep all applications up-to-date without any manual monitoring, and retain license compliance.

Advanced Configuration Customization Options: IT admins can use the Configuration Administrator option to create customized installation files. They can also schedule automatic Restart/Shutdown times of server-based Windows computers, or choose to shut down servers automatically after a preset time period of inactivity. By automating system restart, they can restore Windows server-based computers to their original state and maintain their optimal performance levels.

Deep Freeze Server is one of the core product offerings of Faronics Corporation that uses patented Reboot to restore technology for 100% Windows server recovery. It allows IT administrators to freeze the server endpoints to a desired configuration state, and restore Windows server systems to that predefined state with each reboot. By preserving the desired baseline configuration of the endpoints, it allows IT professionals to rollback Windows server systems to their pristine state with each restart, thus making them virtually indestructible. With this Faronics solution deployed over key server terminals, IT professionals no longer need to get involved in complicated and time-intensive server restore methods, such as troubleshooting and constantly reimaging endpoint devices. They can simply reboot to restore Windows server endpoints to their original state. Be it a single or multiple servers, this Faronics solution makes Windows server maintenance an easy and hassle-free tasks for IT professionals, leaving them with free time to engage in more complex technology jobs.

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