Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh My!

By Ryan Majeau

It’s a big week for wildlife in the world of IT. Any day now Apple will release its eighth major member of the OS X family with OS X Lion. Right out of the gate you’ll be able to keep this lion safe with the help of a bear you’ve come to know and trust to reduce IT support costs—Faronics Deep Freeze for Mac.

OS X Lion will be a dramatic update compared to that between Leopard and Snow Leopard. Building on the success of the iOS platform on devices such as the iPhone and iPad, OS X Lion will see the Apple desktop get infused with a number of features which will blur the line between desktop and mobile computing. Multi-Touch gestures, full-screen apps, Launchpad (just a few of the 250+ new features) will make you think you’re using an iPad, not an iMac.

Deep Freeze Mac version 5.0 ensures that your Users can enjoy all of the wonders this new OS brings to the table while continuing to reduce IT support costs and ensure your computers are absolutely bulletproof.

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About The Author

Ryan Majeau

Ryan loves technology, reading and writing about new trends or playing with new gadgets—and yes he uses three monitors. Ryan is guilty of drinking the kool-aid every now and then, is a bit of a Facebook junkie and a devout Apple fanboy (in case you couldn’t tell).

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