Eliminate Onsite IT Support for Field Computers with Reboot to Restore Technology

Multiple global enterprises across verticals have already realized the value of deploying mobile systems for field operations. Dynamic machines like Toughbooks and rugged computers in the oil and gas sector has enabled field engineers to engage in a higher degree of on-field collaboration and data-driven decision-making processes. In the retail industry, the advent of portable devices has empowered retail workers to process payments and orders easily. This provides a real-time visibility into actual sales and improves customer satisfaction as well. On-field computers have thus streamlined critical business processes helping corporations achieve new levels of cost-efficiency and customer service.

While the use of portable devices enhances on-field collaboration and result in higher productivity gains, ensuring their availability 24/7 is crucial for business continuity. This calls for the effective monitoring and maintenance of on-field computers which poses its own set of challenges for the IT team.

Managing On-field Computers: IT Challenges

Field operations need to be performed quickly and often within tight deadlines. Hence, field teams require highly reliable and efficient systems to be able to run operations seamlessly with zero disruptions. Issues such as altered system settings or malicious software downloads can bring down the performance of on-field computers all of a sudden and result in extended downtime. The sudden system outages can hinder operations of field employees and completely cut off their access to relevant business data causing an unexpected delay in service.

On-site IT support is not always available as on-field computers are often beyond the reach/physical control of IT administrators. As a result, IT teams have to travel to an on-site facility or the field employees need to get the system back to office premises to repair the systems. This can significantly increase the total downtime and system maintenance costs while affecting the productivity. In critical situations, the time taken by the IT team in troubleshooting issues and diagnosing the problem can lead to disastrous business implications.

With devices spread across multiple locations, it becomes quite challenging for the IT support team to schedule regular maintenance of such systems. They often need to take back the devices to the headquarters and ensure that the OS version and security definitions are up-to-date. This causes delays in business activities which can reduce service levels and cash flow, disrupt critical operations, and can affect customer satisfaction and brand image.

To keep up with the present day competition and fluctuating market demands, corporations require enterprise-level software solutions that can address system-related issues of on-field computers instantly. This essentially means bringing on-site computers back into a functional state within the shortest time frame possible. Software leveraging reboot to restore technology like Deep Freeze can help businesses reduce computer downtime on the field and ensure that business operations keep running smoothly with minimal IT intervention.

Deep Freeze: Ensuring 100% Availability of Critical On-field Computers

Deep freeze is a computer restore software solution by Faronics that is built on patented reboot to restore technology. Once Deep Freeze is deployed over the on-site devices, it allows IT admins to set up the desired baseline configuration and restores systems to that pre-defined state with each reboot. This system rollback software does not impose any restrictions on field teams in terms of accessing the computers. Employees can virtually make any changes to the systems. For example, they can alter or customize system settings, and download any software per their convenience. The reboot to restore technology of Deep Freeze reverts all such user-made changes on reboot while reestablishing the original baseline as determined by the IT admins.

With the implementation of Deep Freeze, field staff can experience recognizable benefits. In the event of sudden system malfunctioning, they do not have to wait for the in-house IT team to arrive on-site and perform the essential repairs. The field staff can fix such system issues themselves by just restarting the device. Thus, with each reboot, employees can be assured that the system will be ready in a clean, pristine state, which not only reduces their dependency on IT support but also boosts their productivity.

Deep Freeze provides IT administrators the ability to manage multiple on-field systems at different locations from a single, centrally managed console. By reverting systems to their baseline configuration with the simple push of the restart button, this system rollback software reduces on-site IT workload to a considerable extent. It also provides IT the time and scope to engage in other proactive and value-adding activities.

For offering virtually tamper-proof protection and system recovery features, Deep Freeze has been the most preferred reboot to restore solution among global businesses looking for robust and reliable solutions to ensure optimal performance for on-field computers. The benefits of using Deep Freeze for the protection and maintenance of on-field computers are manifold:

All-time Service Availability: With the help of its reboot to restore technology, this system rollback software effectively prevents devices from straying away from their original configuration and reverts all unwanted system changes with each reboot. This ensures 24/7 system uptime which translates into uninterrupted service availability anytime, anywhere.

Providing Fully-Functioning On-field Computers: By preserving the admin-defined configuration within its system, Deep Freeze makes on-field endpoints virtually indestructible. This computer restore software removes all system changes and issues caused by different user actions post every reboot. It thus extends the performance and life-cycle of all types of on-field computers, such as sales/demo computers, laptops, toughbooks and rugged computers.

Reduced Operational Cost: When a system crashes on the go, the field employees can instantly fix the issues simply by restarting the devices without waiting for any IT support. This eliminates the requirement of any round-the-clock on-site IT support and significantly reduces system maintenance cost.

Central Management Capabilities: With the central management console of Deep Freeze, IT administrators can remotely schedule and automate routine system maintenance tasks and ensure that all the crucial system components always remain updated. This helps them easily control and manage all devices which are outside office or not placed within close proximity.

By using effective system restore software like Deep Freeze, global corporations can easily keep on-field systems running and functional at all times, increase employee productivity, and ensure 24/7 business continuity.

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