Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore: The Ultimate Workstation Protection Solution Suite

Businesses relying heavily on public access computers are vulnerable to unwarranted configuration changes and faulty malwares making their way to the systems. This creates the need for a solution that has the capacity to promptly restore systems, in case of unwanted configuration changes. Empowered by its Reboot to Restore Technology, Deep Freeze is a system restore software, and is an impeccable solution to address the frequently encountered issues discussed above. It holds a record of reducing IT tickets by a staggering 63%, while ensuring 100% workstation availability.

Reboot to Restore

Designed by Faronics, Deep Freeze is a patented Reboot to Restore software that helps system administrators freeze their desired system configurations. The Reboot to Restore feature combats system configuration related issues by restoring systems back to a desired configuration with a simple reboot.

How Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore Works

Deep Freeze supports both Windows and Mac OS. Deep Freeze is a kernel-level driver that secures storage devices by redirecting information written on the hard drive to an allocated table, while safeguarding the original data. Once you restart your system, the redirected information is not referenced. Thus, users are capable of making temporary alterations, but on initializing a reboot, the original “frozen” state of your OS is restored.

Reboot to Restore, the core functionality of Deep Freeze, makes your system indestructible. As an exclusive technological invention, Reboot to Restore reduces IT tickets and enhances productivity.

How Organizations Can Benefit From Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore

Faronics Deep Freeze, as a Mac and Windows restore software, helps manage public access as well as personal computers effectively.

The Reboot to Restore technology ensures that with a simple reboot you can fix most of your IT issues without raising IT tickets. This Reboot to Restore technology is often considered as the ultimate workstation protection suite.

Implementing Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore helps firms realize the following business benefits:

  • Reduced IT tickets- Deep Freeze facilitates smooth system recovery with every reboot. As sources revealed, Deep Freeze by means of its Reboot to Restore technology have achieved 63% reduction in IT tickets.
  • Secure Workstations with Non-restrictive Access- The unique technological properties of this Reboot to Restore software allows users to work with complete non-restrictive access. The possibility of permanent configuration changes is eliminated as workstation is restored back to their pristine stage after every reboot.
  • Achieving license compliance- As a dedicated Reboot to Restore software, Deep freeze removes all software applications installed in the system by users without administrator permissions. This helps your business achieve license compliance.
  • Eliminating Zero-day Threats-Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore clears all malwares and viruses that get downloaded into your system due to multiple user usage with a simple yet effective reboot. For run-time system security you can use Faronics Antivirus along with Deep Freeze for multi-layered security.
  • Preventing Configuration Drifts-Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore prevents users from making permanent configuration changes on their systems. Thus, baseline configurations remain safe while the users can save their data on “ThawSpace” allocated by the Deep Freeze administrator.
  • Empowering End-users- Deep Freeze reduces dependency on IT staff significantly. Naturally, this makes Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore the ultimate workstation protection solution.

Features of the Reboot to Restore Software

As a transformative Windows restore software, Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore has reduced the workload of IT staff by ensuring complete recovery of workstations with a simple reboot. Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore has transformed the IT landscape.

The key features of Deep Freeze include the following:

  • A Centrally Managed Enterprise Console-Deep Freeze software can be easily deployed, managed, and configured. The Central Management capacity of the software connects and monitors systems across geographies. Additionally, a customized enterprise console could be created making it the ultimate workstation management solution for the enterprises.
  • Automatic Windows Update- With Deep Freeze deployed on your system, you can schedule maintenance tasks to perform automatic Windows update, post which the system returns back to the “frozen” state.
  • Virtual “ThawSpace” Creation- A unique feature of this software is that it allows you to create virtual partitions to retain critical data. This is executable even when there are no separate physical partitions present on your computer.
  • Master boot record (MBR) Protection- By leveraging patented Reboot to Restore technology, Deep Freeze protects MBR from rootkit injections.
  • Remote Launching Applications- You can remotely execute existing apps on computers through this Reboot to Restore software. These apps can be launched from the console or even from remote locations.
  • Locking Input Devices- With Deep Freeze, admin can remotely lock user’s mouse and keyboard. This also prevents users from making any unauthorized changes to public access computers when the system is in thaw mode for maintenance.
  • Power Management System- Deep Freeze benefits you by helping in initializing a restart, shutdown, and other wake-on-LAN actions on a demand or on schedule basis.
  • System Integration- You can use a built-in command line interface with this Reboot to Restore workstation protection solution. Such an interface is deployable over popular desktop management systems, such as Microsoft SCCM, Apple Remote Desktop, Dell KACE, and the like.
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