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With the ever-widening scope of what all you can do with personal computers (PCs), the usage of computers has increased tremendously due to which the endpoints have become more vulnerable to recurring system-related issues. Such issues can be caused due to multiple reasons, such as outdated configurations, new software installation, malware attacks, etc. Under such circumstances, both Windows and MacOS users need an optimal Time Machine for PC recovery solution, which can restore their systems to a workable state while eradicating all unwanted system configuration changes.

PC Recovery for Windows and MacOS systems

A solution based on the Time Machine for PC framework was introduced by Microsoft for Windows users. Apple’s Time Machine with similar functionality was also integrated into MacOS systems. But do these offer the ultimate solution to the recurring system-related issues faced by Windows and Mac users? Let’s find out below:

Microsoft’s System Restore: A Time Machine for PC – The good and the bad

Microsoft’s System Restore, often considered as a Time Machine for Windows OS, is a Windows utility that aids users to fix their PCs if any system-related issues occur. As a time machine for Windows OS, Microsoft System Restore allows Windows users to travel back in time and retrieve their systems from the predefined restore points to ensure optimal system functionality.

MS System Restore provides some basic PC recovery options to Windows OS users. The latest versions of Windows OS carry 3 different System Restore functionalities – Refresh, Restore and Reset. If users choose to run Windows Refresh, it helps them regain the default Windows PC settings along with some personal files, personalized settings, and apps downloaded from Windows store. If users select the Restore function, it effectively eradicates the recent changes, thereby, retrieving the windows to the last working point. Lastly, by selecting the Reset function, users can reinstall Windows but it deletes your files, settings, and apps – except for the apps that came with your PC.

However, this Time Machine for PC recovery technology by Microsoft also poses several challenges for users. To function optimally, this Windows Time Machine requires users to insert recovery media like DVD or thumb drive during the recovery process for the retrieval of certain system files. Additionally, complete recovery of Windows system through System Restore is a time-intrusive job, which makes it a less-preferred option among those looking for a quick solution. Moreover, Windows System Restore might discard all system updates during the recovery process, which need to be reinstalled again. This hinders productivity for Windows users.

Apple’s Time Machine- the good and the bad

Apple’s Time Machine for PC is an inbuilt backup and recovery feature that comes with every Mac Operating System (OS). With this feature, users can take multiple snapshots of system settings along with installed apps, personal data, and files at frequent intervals. These snapshots are saved as backups over an external storage drive. This process consumes additional storage space on local disks and might cause the system to slow down during peak productivity hours.

If there is lack of storage space which goes unnoticed by the users, Apple Time Machine for PC ceases to take relevant screenshots. This increases the likelihood of its failure to ensure complete retrieval of the MacOS PCs to any desired working state under pressing circumstances. Such uncertainties drive Mac users to opt for alternate Time Machine for PC recovery solutions with better and faster functionality.

Need for a market-appropriate Time Machine software for PC Recovery

There are plenty of alternate solutions available in the market that includes Time Machine for PC recovery features. However, none of them completely addresses the problems encountered by Windows and MacOS users during any major system breakdown. The fear of sudden OS failure leads Windows and MacOS users to try multiple backup solutions that claim to possess formidable and need-specific Time Machine for PC recovery features.

Any market-appropriate Time Machine software for Windows and MacOS should cater to two primary requirements:

  • Faster Turnaround time: In case of system failure, both Windows and MacOS users would ideally like their workstations to get back to a workable state immediately upon reboot. This makes the hunt for a reliable Time Machine for PC recovery solution even more immediate.
  • Convenience of Use: Using Microsoft’s System Restore or Apple’s Time Machine involves many complicated steps and requires IT intervention to ensure successful implementation. Therefore, Windows and Mac users need a potent Time Machine for PC recovery software that is easy to run on the system and yields better results.

Deep Freeze – A robust Time Machine Solution for both Windows and MacOS

Empowered by its unique Reboot to Restore technology, Deep Freeze helps Windows and MacOS users reestablish the original baseline configuration of their systems with a simple reboot. Offering a robust Time Machine for PC capability, it solves regular system problems with just a push of the reboot button.

Deep Freeze is a time and cost effective Time Machine for PC solution when compared to others. It revives the original frozen settings of the system quickly with a simple reboot. Additionally, through its patented Reboot to Restore technology, Deep Freeze also shifts away from the conventional snapshot technique of Apple Time Machine. It keeps the frozen baseline settings saved at a kernel level which helps during malware attacks by directing the system back to a pristine state with a simple reboot. This robust Time Machine software for Windows and Mac systems by Faronics lets users resolve multiple system issues and reduces IT tickets drastically.

The ultimate Time Machine for PC recovery software for both Windows and MacOS, Deep Freeze offers solutions to recurring PC issues, saving time and ensuring 24*7 system uptime.

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