Anti-Executable 5.10 is Now Available

We’re excited to announce that Anti-Executable 5.10 is now available for downloads at our website.

Here’s a list of the major improvements we’ve made to version 5.10:

  • Active Directory integration. Anti-Executable user management is now fully integrated with Active Directory users and groups. Now you can easily refer trusted and admin user groups of Anti-Executable to Active Directory users and groups which means that you can leverage your existing configuration.
  • New reports. We’ve got two new reports for you:
    • Most blocked programs – generates a sorted list of the most blocked files in your network environment. You can also easily identify which programs cause most of the problems.
    • Most violated machines – generates a sorted list of machines with the most violations. This report will help you to identify machines which might be attacked by malware or users who try to violate security policies.

Both reports show a numeric value of Anti-Executable. You can now see the exact number of potential threats that were stopped by Anti-Executable. We did some testing in our corporate environment and that number was 1147 during the last few months which means that Anti-Executable saved our network from unwanted software 1147 times. Check it out and find out how clean your network is.

  • Reporting database. All the reporting related to data is now stored in a separate database. Every piece of data that’s stored there is preprocessed and optimized. By the time Anti-Executable starts to generate a report, all the data is already prepared and optimized which offers the following advantages:
    • Reports are generated faster
    • Longer events history is available
    • User interface and user experience improvements. One of the biggest focuses of AE 5.10 was to improve user experience. With this release we made lots of user interface changes to provide an even more pleasant experience while using Anti-Executable.
    • Stability. With AE 5.10, we cleaned up most of the known issues which has made the product much more stable.

Register now for our Anti-Executable webinar on Tuesday, July 24th at 10 am PST to see AE 5.10 in action. We’ve got some cool demos to show you.

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Valeriy is always optimizing - whether it's ensuring efficient product releases or managing day-to-day multitasking. He is passionate about working with people and sharing ideas in a relaxed setting. Valeriy loves to share his positive and proactive outlook, plus there is always candy at his desk to help start a conversation.

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