Deep Freeze Standard Release Notes

Version (November 29, 2023)



28006 Resolved an issue where systems may randomly hang during Frozen state. It is recommended to always enable the new ‘Manage Virtual Memory’ checkbox to allow Deep Freeze to manage paging file size in order to optimize efficiency. (Case No. KBK-301-15788, HFG-902-80256, TXW-714-46790, DCK-357-11563, VVQ-945-75978)

28183 Resolved an issue with Windows Defender blocking Deep Freeze executable files. (Case No. LYC-936-29805)

40436 Resolved an issue where the laptop battery would drain at a faster rate when the computer entered modern standby mode. (Case No. RLB-437-39845)

42541 Resolved an issue where services running in the background unexpectedly triggered and installed Windows Updates. (Case No. CGX-669-80714)

43598 Resolved an issue where workstations were randomly hanging with no discernable pattern. (Case No. WPD-530-71307)


Known Issues

11387 NTFS Storage Spaces not supported. BSOD occurs on reboot on Windows 8 and higher computers with single or multiple NTFS Storage Spaces.

11425 Announcements are displayed as ‘New’ every time workstation reboots when in Frozen state.

11496 DFInstall.log file does not have … Continue reading Deep Freeze Standard Release Notes