Non-Restrictive Technology in Computer Based Businesses and Services

Computers have become an indispensable component for daily business operations across industries – healthcare, government, internet cafes, public libraries, and other corporate organizations. With the number of computer-based businesses and services rapidly increasing, it becomes crucial for system administrators to maintain 100% system availability and operability with tamper-proof protection. On the other hand, system administrators often face the dilemma of ensuring safe computing usage while providing an open and flexible technological environment to each individual user.

This Whitepaper outlines some of the major challenges that system administrators face when managing multi-user computing environment. It also highlights how the conventional IT approaches to ensuring computer security hold no logical relevance in the modern business scenario. It also introduces a novel and advanced approach to system management in the form of reboot to restore technology.


Learn more about this non-restrictive reboot to restore concept and its benefits –

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