Measuring the ROI of Faronics Deep Freeze
"Deep Freeze’s patented technology makes computers immune to any software related issues, and assures IT that any changes are only temporary and will have no lasting effects on the protected computers. Users, on the other side, can enjoy a fully functional and unrestricted computing experience for maximum productivity."
Challenges Faced

Lowering IT costs and providing a solid ROI for IT projects are among the top challenges for IT executives. Gartner reports that a locked-down and well-managed desktop PC can be 42% less expensive to keep than an unmanaged one, and that the salary cost of a help desk employee can be estimated to be between $21.63 and $40.86 per hour. The average help desk cost per contact is estimated to be $23.09.

A Solution That Worked

The Faronics Survey had 1,293 responses that drew the following picture: Organizations using Deep Freeze reported 40% fewer support tickets per desktop compared to organizations not using Deep Freeze, equating to over $52,000 in annual savings per 1,000 computers. Organizations that have Deep Freeze on ≥ 90% of desktops reported a 63% reduction in support tickets with the lowest ratio of 2.14 support tickets per desktop compared to 5.76 for organizations not using Deep Freeze. Organizations using Deep Freeze reported that their support personnel manages 12% more desktops per employee compared to organizations without Deep Freeze.