Getting Started with Faronics Anti-Virus Enterprise (with Deep Freeze)

Faronics Anti-Virus is a three-in-one solution that suffices as an anti-virus, anti-rootkit, and anti-spyware software. The USP of this comprehensive solution is its ability to provide constant protection from external security threats without affecting the performance of the computers due to larger footprints and lengthy scan time. Faronics’ advanced technology makes Faronics Anti-Virus a powerful tool for keeping even the latest and most evasive malware from infiltrating into the systems. When complemented with Deep Freeze, the software with Reboot to Restore technology , becomes a solution for holistic protection and maintenance of computing systems.


This user manual describes the system requirements and deployment process for Faronics Anti-Virus. The manual also highlights the complementary products and how they correspond to each other to make an all-inclusive solution.


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