Faronics Power Save and Chaffey Joint Union High School District
"I am extremely impressed by the evolution of Power Save. The latest version(s) include even more savings reports and features that offered even more configuration flexibility from when we first installed it."
- Chafey Joint Union High School District
Challenges faced

Chafey Joint Union High School District (CJUHSD) is a grade 9-12 school district located in San Bernardino County, California. This rapidly growing district has over 2,000 employees and 25,000 students operating on over 5,000 workstations in an all-Windows environment. With no existing PC power management strategy in place, the district’s computers were often left powered on overnight, wasting a colossal amount of energy and money. The school district was searching for ways to save money and knew that a dedicated PC power management strategy offered a quick return on investment.

A Solution That Worked

CJUHSD initially tested Power Save in Audit Mode on approximately 4,000 workstations. They learned that by configuring Power Save to take action after 45 minutes of inactivity, CJUHSD could save over $100,000 a year which quickly led them to fully enable Power Save and further decrease the inactivity settings to 30 minutes to save even more money. The district reduced their PC energy consumption by over $350,000 in a year, which translated to over $70 per workstation.

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Faronics Power Save and Chaffey Joint Union High School District