Faronics Insight and Palmdale High School
"Faronics Insight gives teachers the control they need in their labs to teach more effectively and quickly."
- Leonard Moreno, Information Technology Instructor
Challenges faced

Leonard Moreno is an Information Technology Instructor at California’s Palmdale High School. As part of the Computer Science department, it is Leonard’s job to prepare students for the modern and technical workplace with skills needed to be successful in any occupation. He does this by teaching students in a computer classroom lab of 32 computers. One of the biggest challenges they faced was distracted students. Students would use the computers for playing games and surfing the Internet, which created a management and logistical distraction to his teaching.

A Solution That Worked

Palmdale High School deployed Faronics Insight to overcome these challenges. Insight offered many benefits. Insight was student proof so students could not bypass it. Students could be a ‘leader’ by sharing their screens with the entire class. The instructors could also Blank Student screens to capture their attention. With Remote Control, the instructors can control the student workstation without leaving their desk. Instructors could control printing to avoid unwanted printing by students and also mute their audio.

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Faronics Insight and Palmdale High School