Faronics Deep Freeze and Freedom First Credit Union
"Deep Freeze passed the tests with flying colors and upon reboot our test PCs returned to their initial state. We tried to break the product and see its limitations, but it was indestructible and we loved it."
- Jef Morehart, Network Technician for Freedom First Credit Union
Challenges Faced

Freedom First Credit Union was looking for the perfect solution during their 2-year IT project involving upgrading all their systems. Freedom First’s IT department was searching for ways to minimize the lost IT and employee productivity that occurred when PCs were compromised. They had no way to determine that a machine was compromised until after the problem occurred and required troubleshooting. PCs that did require a rebuild were often unavailable for several hours and required reimaging, and then pushing the updates to the affected workstation.

A Solution That Worked

Freedom First Credit Union turned to the total system protection of Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze restored the original configuration of the computers to their original state with a simple reboot. Deep Freeze reduced their troubleshooting time by 50%. Deep Freeze also prolonged the life of their hardware from 3 years to 5 years, resulting in savings.

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Faronics Deep Freeze and Freedom First Credit Union