Faronics Deep Freeze and 1st Pacific Credit Union
"Deep Freeze is a no-brainer. You install and forget it. All workstations return to their initial trouble-free state upon a reboot."
- Michael Anders, Network Security Administrator
Challenges Faced

1st Pacific Credit Union utilized over 3 IT staff to fix one computer! User complaints ranged from non-functioning applications to sudden and random computer shutdowns. User productivity was becoming significantly impacted and the resource drain on IT staff was overwhelming. The tedious and frequent troubleshooting requests were also preventing the IT team from tending to more critical matters.

A Solution That Worked

1st Pacific Credit Union deployed Deep Freeze to protect their computers. Instead of trying to figure out what went wrong with the computers, the IT staff can now simply reboot the computers and all problems automatically go away. The IT staff can now focus their time and energy on critical and strategic tasks.