Enhance And Protect Computing Environment with Deep Freeze

For over 13 years, Faronics Deep Freeze has helped thousands of IT professionals effortlessly manage millions of computers. The patented Reboot to Restore technology maintains the desired settings on any PC or Mac to ensure 100% availability and reduce IT workload. Customers using Deep Freeze have reported a 63% reduction in IT service tickets. With Deep Freeze, users and IT administrators do not need to constantly reimage their machines, or, lockdown the computers to protect them from damage. This Windows and Mac system restore software “freezes” computer configuration in a desired state to prevent accidental system misconfiguration, software issues, and incidental system degradation.


Features of Faronics Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze now offers multiple beneficial features that can help administrators enhance and protect their IT environment.

Automating System Updates: With Deep Freeze, it is easier to schedule and automate Windows and Mac updates. Deep Freeze can automatically download system updates even when protection is enabled. Administrators can also schedule updates for other software.

Better Data Retention: Administrators can choose to retain data across reboots, by simply redirecting and storing user or application data on non-system or network drives. They can also create virtual storage drives.

Rapid Deployment: Users/administrators can deploy Deep freeze via its robust Enterprise Console, or use the comprehensive built-in Command Line Interface to manage Deep Freeze from within the most popular desktop management systems, such as Microsoft SCCM, Dell KACE, Spiceworks, Symantec Altiris, and Apple Remote Desktop.

With Deep Freeze, system administrators can maintain a standard configuration across all workstations connected over a network, eliminate the need of constant troubleshooting, and reduce system maintenance costs to a considerable extent. To know more about this advanced system restore solution, visit Faronics.com.