Faronics Anti-Virus Awarded Checkmark Certification from West Coast Labs

Faronics Anti-Virus has achieved West Coast Labs’ Checkmark certification. Faronics met the demanding criteria as determined by West Coast Labs for product certification by enduring a series of real-world tests. Launched just five months ago, Faronics Anti-Virus provides high-performance, proactive endpoint malware protection without the sluggish performance and resource drain that can plague traditional anti-virus solutions.

Checkmark is the world’s fastest growing certification system for information security products and services. It is a highly regarded accreditation program, recognized globally by vendors, end users and by government agencies as providing end users with effective confirmation of a product or service’s effectiveness in an ever-changing threat landscape. To pass the rigorous testing, applications must detect all spyware samples from a West Coast Labs collection without any false positives including Remote Access Trojans (RATs), password stealers, keyloggers, and crackers among other malware.

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