We have been using Deep Freeze on our student computers in our various labs for 3-4 years or so and it is bulletproof!! No cards to add to the system, no special hoops to jump through - just setup the machines the way you want them and then freeze them - thats it period. Every restart is a clean, fresh machine and it is impossible to mess them up. Since our labs are open 24 / 7, we have the computers configured to restart at 4am (there are signs on all the computers to alert the students) - users can not stop this reboot - when the machine completes the reboot it is unfrozen for one hour so we can push updates (OS and AntiVirus) - during this time a message is displayed on the monitor saying the computer is unavailable and it also disables the keyboard and mouse. At 5am the computer restarts and it is good to go. Prior to discovering Deep Freeze the computer labs were a nightmare and typically had to be re-ghosted every couple of months. Now we can make it a year without touching the computers. It has been a life saver! Anti-Executable is a new product for us and is proving just as good as the original product Deep Freeze. We are now testing Anti-Executable on select faculty and staff computers. In the next month or so we will be deploying it to all School-owned computers (within the School of Architecture). Once the machine is setup and you turn on Anti-Executable, it scans the system and then the computer is protected. Nothing can be installed or run if it is not already on the computer. Need to install new software? Turn off the protection, install the software, turn it back on and once again you are protected. In the last 4 years or so we have had a couple of times where we needed support for an issue and you were fantastic! We usually had a reply within a few hours and never more than 24 hours. Developers actually worked with us on the issues and stayed with us until the problem was resolved, unlike most companies who just have support people in the front office replying to emails. I have and use a lot of hardware and software vendors at this school but there are only two companies I ever recommend - Dell & Faronics.
— Tim Barnett University of South Florida, School of Architecture