New Castle County has deployed Faronics Deep Freeze on 300 workstations in our 13 public libraries. Before we had installed Deep Freeze, the library PC's were not locked down and the patrons could change settings and install their own applications. This created a lot of chaos on our public-access computers. We had to reimage the computers every night or during the day sometimes when the computers were badly damaged. This was a time consuming process. After a Google search, I came across Faronics' system consistency solution. I also discovered Faronics Anti-Executable, which we are using to prevent users from installing or running unwanted programs on our library computers. Having the PC’s Frozen with Deep Freeze and locked down with Anti Executable has provided us with peace of mind. We no longer have to deal with issues arising from computers being tampered with. If one of our workstations does happen to become non-functional due to a virus or corrupted software setting, we just reboot the PC to restore it to its original working state. Faronics' Deep Freeze solution has definitely saved us a lot of IT support man hours.
— Steve Andrews, Network Systems Analyst New Castle County, New Castle, DE