In a school with over a thousand students and 200 computer workstations, its time consuming keeping everything up and running. Students (and staff!) install software, change system settings and "customize" their workstations all the time. This often means software we need for our classes won't work properly or consistently. We needed a way to deploy an entire lab of workstations that all look and function identically, and stay that way! Deep Freeze has been a huge help in reaching this goal.We tested Deep Freeze in a cross-curricular lab that is heavily used by a variety of classes. The install went smoothly. During the two months since, we haven't had to fix a single software problem! All thirty machines look and behave the same, every time they're re-booted. Our Library has always been a problem location for "hackers" who try to mess up computer settings for sport. Since we "Froze" the library workstations, they've been available for students to use for work and research, and our hackers have had to go elsewhere for their fun. Deep Freeze has made it possible for me to spend less of my time resolving software problems and more time with my students.
— St. Theresa's High School