We use Microsoft Windows XP in our embedded PCs for Wireless Carrier Drive Test equipment. This equipment places voice and data card calls on the wireless system and benchmarks the performance of the various wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.) against each other. The embedded computers were becoming infected with viruses from downloading data files over the wireless network. We had been dealing with the problem by re-imaging the hard drives on the embedded PCs, but this was causing a significant amount of downtime and effort while servicing a population of roughly 2000 embedded PCs in the field. We contracted an IT firm, Madison Avenue Consulting located in Corona, CA to look for a solution. Madison Avenue Consulting suggested Faronics Deep Freeze for our embedded PCs. A particular session of the PC could become infected; however powering the PC off and on to clear the infection greatly reduced the returns and rework. In roughly two quarters of our operations we were able to take embedded PC return and repair failure rates of 2.5% monthly to under 0.6% monthly. Faronics Deep Freeze's contribution to eliminating operating system corruption failures definitely made a positive impact.
— Scott Griffith, Vice President, Engineering ASCOM Inc.