Prior to "discovering" Deep Freeze at the Jan/2000 Comdex/Vancouver our IS department had struggled with the sometimes insurmountable problem of maintaining over 2000 desktops in 50 schools. Our best efforts in utilizing windows policies were continually being foiled by enterprising, eager to practice hacking, school students. No sooner would we establish an environment then it would be trashed or compromised in some manner or another. The amount of IT time being consumed was stifling other potential areas of expansion despite our best efforts to find solutions. We had experience with NT workstation and knew that was only a solution for our new hardware installations, plus it was an expensive route. The challenge was to lock down the existing PCs running Win‘95/‘98 and enforce some sanity in a virus plagued, internet download happy, hackable desktop environment. And viola there it was.... Deep Freeze... That magical moment when it was loaded on a test machine and the technicians could not blow it up was worth its weight in gold. We now have Deep Freeze running on over 500 desktops with plans to deploy it on another 1,000 machines. The amount of technical intervention for OS and software related problems has dropped to almost nil. We can now concentrate on keeping current our system and software versions and be more proactive on hardware upkeep and network management. That one stop at the Faronics booth at Vancouver Comdex made the entire trip worthwhile!
— Saskatoon Public School Division #13