Our school district has been using Deep Freeze on our student PCs, both Windows 98 and XP, for almost two years. From an network administration point of view, it has been one of the best software purchases we have made. We are able to keep our student machines free of viruses and the occasional student hacker. Computer labs do not require re-imaging unless software needs to be installed or upgraded. Since each computer remains pristine after a reboot, we don't have to use up valuable network disk space keeping disk images. Classes of students can use the machine, and each student that boots up a PC is guaranteed to have the same consistent desktop and available applications as the student who was there before. This makes instruction easier. Lastly, computer techs spend less time in the labs which frees them up for other work. Our anxiety level is way down as far as any machine with Deep Freeze on it.
— San Dieguito Union High School District, CA