I was looking for a solution to put on student computers to deal with users constantly installing unapproved software. The IT Support team was tired of wiping and reinstalling three to six hard drives per week, which resulted in roughly four PC's per week being out of commission.Plus, it was consuming about 24 hours per week of IT support time that could be better used elsewhere. Initially we tried to get the instructors to monitor the students to catch the offenders, but it was too time-consuming and wasn't very successful. We discovered Faronics Deep Freeze and after installing it in our labs, things have been great!We no longer have to spend two to three days per week in one computer lab just dealing with corrupted PCs. In fact, we have not had a single problem with our labs for over three months. Gone are the days where we would need to reload all 20 PCs in an open student computer lab at least once a month. Currently we have a lab that is used in the daytime by classes and is open to public-use in the evening. I have not had a work order nor have I had to rebuild a hard drive in this lab for the past 4 months.
— Robin N. Faut, Computer Systems Analyst Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center, Excelsior Springs, MO