We evaluated Deep Freeze for Mac OS X along with the Windows version in May of this year. It took about a week for us to be sold on the product. Because Deep Freeze is so effective, we were finally able to deploy OS X in our schools for student use and know that the computer would be secured. I particularly like the flexibility that it adds to rights control within the OS by making control of the Execute right available to the administrator through the GUI. The teachers love the fact that they know exactly what the user interface will look like on every computer when their student opens it up, and that no matter how badly a student rearranges things, they can put it all back the way it belongs just by logging out and in again. I have spent less than ten percent of the time I did last year on any of my Mac labs, and the time I have spent has been exclusively on hardware and network issues. The tech support we have received while dealing with a couple of early version issues stands out and far above that from any other software publisher I have ever worked with. Responses were immediate and personal, the contact person was knowledgeable, and I was made to feel as if my problems were important and my input was of value. Overall, Deep Freeze is an unquestionable global success.
— Richard Ribley California