We have been using Deep Freeze Software for the last three years and have been extremely pleased with its performance. We are a small rural district in Indiana with good infrastructure and a very good student to computer ratio. We have public student computer access in labs, media centers, classroom mini-labs, and on rolling wireless laptop carts. Everything is hooked to networks and Internet accessible. Until we discovered Deep Freeze, we had constant problems with students changing settings on computers, hiding files on computers, and deleting icons and files. Some of this was accidental and some was done out of maliciousness. It happened even though we had good supervision from teachers and assistants. Unfortunately, the students often knew more than their supervisors. Since installing Deep Freeze these problems have disappeared. No matter what a student does to a computer (accidently or on purpose), when is is turned off and turned back on, it recovers itself to its original configuration. It has saved many, many hours of technician time that used to be put into fixing computer configurations and reloading software. It has also given teachers the confidence to put students in front of computers without fearing that they can do something that will break the computer. An added bonus, is that in the last few years with the proliferation of viruses, none of the computers protected by Deep Freeze has contracted a virus. We are extremely pleased with the Deep Freeze product and the great support we have received from Faronics.
— Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United School Corp, IN