"I am the sole administrator for our company's Windows domain network, about 15 servers and almost 70 windows workstations scattered around two buildings. I have been here about 15 years. About six years ago, just as we began in earnest to rely on Internet communications to do our business and vicious network attacks from the Internet began to accelerate, I had the good fortune to read a trade magazine article about Faronics Deep Freeze. "Oh, boy," I thought, "This is for me!"I have not been disappointed; in fact, I am pleased almost beyond words. Deep Freeze is installed on almost all our workstations and has spared me daily of countless hours of work and aggravation fixing Windows' issues, both user- and Internet-induced! Having Deep Freeze installed across the enterprise has proven itself to be the virtual equivalent of having another full-time IT employee....easily!Some say a product like Deep Freeze is a nuisance, a work hindrance. Nonsense! Deep Freeze has made enforcing our network policies a breeze! No unwanted spyware! No uninvited malware! No toolbars from Internet companies selling stuff! No unauthorized applications installed! No adventuresome users accidently deleting their Windows folders!Simply stated, I like to paraphrase a slogan made famous by a major credit card company: Deep Freeze. I don't leave home without it!"
— Mike Heffernan, Administrative Services CO-Op, Los Angeles, CA