We were researching best practices that libraries were using to secure their computers while still allowing patrons to enjoy the freedom of an open PC. One library discussed their experience with Faronics Deep Freeze, and spoke very highly about how Deep Freeze reduced their IT support requests by enabling their techs to easily secure their computers without locking patrons out of the computer. Now we use Deep Freeze on all of our public access computers. Whenever there is a computer issue, our library staff reboot the computer and it is instantly reset back to its original state. Prior to Deep Freeze we continuously spent time trying to lockdown the PCs, or if needed rebuilding the PC once a patron had compromised the setup. Often the lockdown prevented patrons from performing legitimate tasks which meant we would have to decide whether to allow or not allow the functionality. Faronics Deep Freeze has allowed faster support for patrons as librarians can reboot any of Tigard Public Library's 80 public access computers when any problem arises. Not having to have technical staff on site to troubleshoot or place machines out of order has saved time for staff and given patrons a better experience, especially during evenings and weekends when all the machines are being used.
— Louis Sears, IT Manager City of Tigard, Tigard, OR