We originally purchased Deep Freeze to use on twelve public records search machines in our County Clerks offices. These workstations are heavily used and we needed to ensure that the one application that the machines are in place for remained operational at all times. Deep Freeze made this a reality, and gave us complete peace of mind that a reboot would fix anything any user may have done to disrupt operations.

We then deployed Deep Freeze on all of County of Cape May's Police Academy student laptops. These laptops are used by every class which goes through the academy for training, and the trainees needed to be able to save documents to the computer and have them retained across reboots. Deep Freeze allowed us to easily leave the My Documents folder unlocked for the trainees to save their work in. Upon a class completion, getting the laptops ready for the next class was simply a matter of clearing out the My Documents folder. The laptops always came back to us in perfect condition, since anything the trainees did to the laptops was remedied once the laptop was rebooted.

Deep Freeze is a great product--one that we would not be able to manage our computers without! The amount of IT staff time to keep these training laptops and public-access stations up and running has been cut from several calls a week to no calls in over a year.
— Kenneth J. Haught, Network Engineer Management Information Services County of Cape May