Deep Freeze is one of the greatest investments that Philippine School of Business Administration has made to safeguard the configuration and integrity of our computer software programs. Our system administrator couldn`t keep up with all the problems popping up one after another in different computer laboratories before using Deep Freeze. Now, every computer on campus is Frozen solid to protect it from misconfiguration, operating system corruption, unauthorized installation of third-party programs / games, computer virus infections, malware / spyware attacks, and complete system instability. Our system administrator tested the trial version on one computer and subjected it to all types of abuse, but in the end Deep Freeze was able to protect the system`s configuration and stability. He was so impressed with the program that he suggested that we get the Enterprise version and I wisely agreed to make his workload lighter. Thanks to Deep Freeze our system administrator has more time to focus on other IT developments instead of going around in circles fixing computers like a mad repairman. We are now focusing on hardware security since Deep Freeze has practically eradicated our software security issues. I recommend this product to anyone who is in charge of public access computers that need daily maintenance to stay in pristine working condition. Good examples of these environments are Schools, Libraries, Internet Cafes, and Hotels that offer business centers for its clients.
— Juan D. Lim Vice President of Finance, Philippine School of Business Administration