Our library's internet computers run Windows XP Professional and despite the abundance of security features available thru the Microsoft Management Console or MMC, not one feature could prevent or automatically undo documents saved to the desktop or in the My Documents folder. I consulted with computing colleagues and visited various online forums but none of them offered a means to protect the desktop or hard drive from patrons saving their resumes, essays etc. to our computers. Once I tried Deep Freeze, I was sold. The gracious 60 day evaluation was not necessary for me to make a decision. The program did precisely what I was looking for and did so without the need for multiple items being checked off first. Deep Freeze is a cinch to install, effortless to use program that returns a workstation to the exact configuration I've set upon restart... no matter who has used it! My first thought was why couldn't Microsoft have done this? My second thought was that I&'m glad Faronics did. Deep Freeze is an excellent program and I couldn‘t be happier with it.
— J. Williams, Technology Manager Stickney-Forest View Public Library District, Stickney, IL