I am a computer technician with East Valley School District in Spokane, Washington. Last year we implemented Deep Freeze in our high school labs, just to test how well it would work. It worked wonders! Instead of re-imaging the labs every two weeks, we image the labs twice a year! So, this year, we implemented it across the rest of the district wherever a room has more than 6 computers. Some teachers like to do a lot of customization to their computers, some like to load illegal or unlicenced software on them, and some just continually break things; but now with Deep Freeze, the only thing we have to do is software installation. Since the implementation of Deep Freeze, we have had less need for technical support personnel, and we have spent less time trying to track down illegal software in case of an audit. Your software provides the greatest desktop solution without any drawbacks. Give your programmers a raise! Thank you!
— East Valley School District No. 361, Spokane, WA