Chandler Public Library has been a Faronics customer for more than five years. We use Faronics Deep Freeze on all of our public-access computers, including library catalog computers. Before using Deep Freeze we had limited security in place on these machines. Our main problem was with users changing the system settings, adding and removing icons, changing the wallpaper, etc. We also had issues with users installing third-party software and downloading applications from the Internet. Fixing these problems was a daily issue, and although most problems were fixed by manually cleaning up the 'vandalism'. Periodically though it was necessary to rebuild a machine. Unfortunately this was long enough ago that we didn't have the software tools to re-image the machines, which meant we had to reinstall everything on the computer from scratch. Faronics Deep Freeze has solved all these problems. Over time we grown and added more computers to our library, as well as increased the number of branches, computers labs, and services we offer. Our IT support staff has not increased enough to visit every site daily, which is why having Deep Freeze installed on these computers is so important. Without Faronics Deep Freeze, we would definitely have a significant number of our 250 PCs down for days at a time. Not only has Deep Freeze virtually eliminated the software issues that previously generated at least 25% of all IT support calls, we now can use the Enterprise Console to remotely correct most of the problems that do occur. This saves us a significant amount of travel time. Faronics Deep Freeze has allowed us to spend less time on rebuilding computers, and more time on refining our images and providing better service to our patrons.
— Dan Lee, Assistant Library Manager (Systems Librarian), Chandler Public Library Chandler, AZ