Our company was struggling with lost productivity because of overwhelming computer problems. Every time a workstation went down, processes came to a grinding halt. The costs were astronomical including employee overtime, delayed deadlines, frustrated customers, and even risking our reputation. Then we found a solution to our problems - Faronics Deep Freeze.

With Deep Freeze, we are spending our working hours getting the job done, rather than troubleshooting PC's and constantly interrupting productivity. Deep Freeze does exactly what we need. It keeps our machines up and running, which increases employee satisfaction because they now have the tools they need to get the job done on time.

Deep Freeze offers complete PC protection keeping our machines free of malware and preventing configuration drift.
By significantly reducing the volume of IT support tickets, our IT department now doesn't have to work around the clock re-imaging PCs and fighting fires.

We are now able to manufacture more cabinets and handle more customer orders, while working fewer hours!
Thanks to Deep Freeze, we're confident we can deliver a fantastic product on time every time, while saving lots of money on IT support and manufacturing downtime.

Deep Freeze is the perfect business tool to help maximize manufacturing efficiency. Thanks Faronics!
— Bob Pawar, CMA Controller Euro-Rite Cabinets Ltd.