Deep Freeze Enterprise has been a valuable asset at the Preston Manor City Learning Centre for a good few years now. I undertake the administration of a growing client/server network which provides users with access to leading edge technology. We have a large user base, accommodating schools, colleges, universities, community groups, and even training suite facilities to private companies. Yes, a lot of administration is required looking after a sizable network of PC/Mac OS X clients & servers, but when I discovered DF I just had to get a copy. It does exactly what it claims and I often forget that it is there. It`s silent & effective, and it has saved me valuable time to do other things - it has become part of my ZAK (Zero Administration Kit) - I even use it remotely from the comfort of my home. Just `set it and forget it` - I certainly haven`t looked back since. I will continue to use Faronics software across the network - many thanks guys!
— Bipin Bhana Preston Manor City Learning Centre, Middlesex